Six partners, schools, connected in two years project. Each school has established its own project team. We have made a list of distribution tasks among partners, set activity plan. We want to include and to acquaint all students in our schools but further more for concrete activities set a team around 15 students, that are going to be more involved in mobilities as well.

They’ll collaborate to create a common website, an online magazine, art exhibitions, launch campaigns, step into action with local associations, make school a safer, happier place by analyzing their social media habits, become aware of their common values and culture. They will celebrate Safer Internet Day, Europe Day, Volunteer Day and World Art Day to show their talents, what they’ve learnt.

We’ll create such products as a website, twinspace, films, a logo, a live dictionary, surveys, educational materials related to safety internet and our cities, old toys, traditional dresses, street games, culture top creators, Erasmus corner, a journal, magazine, photos, videos about the activities, presentations, collaborative stories (chain stories), poems, songs, online works of art, project museum, a web2 guide book combining 4 eBooks.

Students Articles and Reports

Students impressions about mobilities in word and picture.

Teacher mobility in Turkey May 2023

Mobility for Students and Teachers - Spain

Mobility for Students and Teachers - Szigethalom, Pest, Hungary

Mobility for Students and Teachers - May 16 to 20, 2022 Seville, Spain

Mobility for Students and Teachers-Estonia

Erasmus Corner

What our students create and do.

Live Dictionary


Europe Day

Safer Internet Day

European Cities, Important and famous personalities of European countries

Traditional Dresses and Games and old toys of European countries

Dissemination of project activities